BFW  Forum is a new way to communicate about franchising

This Forum was create by BFW staff to help Franchisee live BFW atmosphere and philosophy all over the year.

The forum  is a meeting place open to those who belong to BFW world , where all the franchisees related to BWF may expose  matters of interest  to the community of this sector, get support and meet other affiliates during the whole year. Beyond the national and international gala event this forum is a virtual meeting point  where is possible to strengthen ties of cooperation and  relations born during the Participation at BFW.

In the forum only one language is spoken, the franchise system.

For this, every competitor can write in his proper language in representation of his origin and race, maintaining his proper visions and ideas in an open forum.

Moreover the jurors of Best Franchisee of the world have always needed  daily report and information to be able to value Franchisees from  all over the world.  Thanks to this BFW Forum today is possible to promote and encourage franchisees actions. This is the reason we are here for!

It’s a forum dedicated to people who represent the franchise system in the world, entrepreneurs who work hard every day to realize the company “know how”.

BFW Forum  also encourages actions of promotion of the brands  because all information are written by Franchisee representatives or Franchisee themselves. BFW forum  main “goal” is to give  voice and value to entrepreneurs, encouraging those who want to grow.


One of the main goal of BFW Forum is to give life 365 days long to the unique award in the world for the franchisees, moreover to let jurors receive more information about franchisees selected to participate  to the BEST FRANCHISEE OF THE WORLD.



BFW  Forum is a tool of promotion focused on franchisees. Every brand participating at   Best Franchisee of the world – the event celebrating the system of franchise industry and network, realized in a prestigious frame- can join the forum.

Forum BFW every year and at its sole  discretion , will establish special interviews in its content, giving priority to those in charge for each brand to give their opinion about  franchise system and the importance of giving value to the Franchisee, considered by BFW the main “stone” in the franchise system worldwide.

Every Franchisee who will attend  BFW has the right to subscribe and participle to all discussions in the BFW Forum.